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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Perry's Nut House - Belfast, Maine

Up on Route 1A in Belfast, Maine, you see the above landmark called Perry’s Nut House. Back in the day when pleasure trips by auto were new and roadside businesses sometimes had a PT Barnum-like quality to them, Perry’s attracted seekers of snacks and fudge from the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt. Probably on her way back from Campobello, she may have needed a fudge fix, and a laugh.

The elephants in this shot are no longer on the premises, but though Perry’s may change a bit under new management and as the years pass, its legacy as one of Maine’s earliest and most folksy tourist traps remains.

For more on Perry’s Nut House, have a look at this website.

Been there? Done that? Waited in line for your fudge behind Eleanor? Did she take a long time to decide? Let us know.

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