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Friday, June 27, 2008

Pudge Fisk Historical Marker

As you can see by the photo above taken in Charlestown, New Hampshire, it’s not always about Colonial battle sites or the spot of the high water mark in the last flood, or even about where George Washington might have or might not have slept. Sometimes, every once in a while, the road markers are about baseball.

The hometown of Carlton “Pudge” Fisk, who played catcher for the Red Sox (any other teams he played for are irrelevant), who is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and who is probably most fondly remembered by Red Sox fans for one anxious moment of attempting to fan a homerun ball into fair territory with his failing arms, decided to plunk a sign down to let the world know he went to the grammar school in the front of which this sign is posted. Well, not the world maybe, but at least the people driving down this road. If you drive down this road, stop and have a look at this sign, and maybe get somebody to take your picture standing by it. It is historical. The sign says so.

Been there? Done that? Went to school here, too? Let us know.

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