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Friday, January 11, 2008

Quabbin Winter Sunset

These shots are taken on what is known today as the Enfield Lookout at the Quabbin Reservoir in Central Massachusetts. A couple of generations ago, this spot was the top of the Great Quabbin Hill in the town of Enfield, Massachusetts. That was before the Commonwealth systematically took over and dismantled four towns to build a reservoir in this spot. They were called Prescott, Enfield, Greenwich, and Dana.

More on what are called “the lost towns” of the Quabbin at another time. For now, this view which once looked down on the Swift River and the local spur of the Boston and Albany Railroad and old Route 109 leading into the small town of Enfield, now looks out over a majestic inland sea.

The weak winter sunlight creates an otherworldly scene, which is fitting for a place of so many overlapping Twilight Zone existences in its timeline, and so many ghosts.

For more information on this unique resource and place of history, have a look at the Friends of Quabbin, Inc. website.

Been there? Done that? Know somebody who grew up in one of the four towns of Dana, Prescott, Enfield, or Greenwich? Let us know.

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