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Friday, January 4, 2008

Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge

This is the Cornish-Windsor covered bridge, spanning the Connecticut River and linking Windsor, Vermont with Cornish, New Hampshire.

Built in 1866, the bridge actually consists of two spans, is nearly 450 feet long, and is the longest covered wooden bridge in the United States.

Spruce timbers bolted together form the diagonal Town lattice truss pattern. The bridge allows two-way vehicular traffic, with a six ton load limit. It is the fourth bridge to be built on this site, the earliest in 1796. Each of the three earlier bridges built in this location were lost to floods. The last time a toll was collected on this bridge was in 1943.

Come and drive from Vermont to New Hampshire, or the other way if you want. It’s free. It’s also a nice spot to have your picture taken.

For more on this unique bridge, see this New Hampshire government website.

Been there? Done that? Both ways? Let us know.

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