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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Free Preview - Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer. Star.

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From her 1976 appearance in West Springfield, Massachusetts, at the Storrowton Music Theater in Show Boat:

Show Boat closed the 1976 summer season at the Storrowton Theatre in West Springfield, Massachusetts.  Sam Hoffman of the Springfield Daily News reviewed the play:
Miss Blyth has lost none of her beautiful lyric soprano voice or any of her beauty.  She is a delight to see and to hear…Miss Blyth not only sings [the songs] for all their worth, she is capable of giving each a dramatic touch.
Magnolia just never looked as beautiful or was in finer voice than Miss Blyth.
Here Jay Garner filled in for an ill Andy Devine as Cap’n Andy, and Ed Evanko played Gaylord Ravenal.  In a follow-up article, Mr. Hoffman confessed his admiration for Ann Blyth was a torch he’d been carrying for some time.
…I remember her lovely lyric soprano voice that seemed to float right out of the screen in my direction.  I always managed to blot out the male star to make sure it was me she was singing to and not someone else. 
I was even a bit jealous when she upped and married a doctor for Ann Blyth has always been one of my favorite screen stars, someone I didn’t particularly care to share with another person.
He also noted in his interview with her, that she hoped to get in some tennis before the Thursday evening show.


Where do you suppose she played tennis?  Think she won?



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