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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Answers to New England Lingo Trivia

The answers to last weeks New England lingo trivia questions from Yankee Talk - A Dictionary of New England Expressions, compiled by Robert Hendrickson and published by Facts On File, Inc., 1996.....

afterclap  - This is described as an old term for some unexpected or unpleasantly surprising happening, and quotes Melville's use of the word in Moby Dick.  We might further define it as the unpleasant result of an action.

all smiles and johnnycake - An expression for happy.

Boston strong boy - This was famed boxer John L. Sullivan's nickname.

bulkhead - the cellar double hatch doors.

Downeaster - Someone from Maine, to be sure, but also a ship built in Maine, and also sometimes referring to any New Englander.

muckle - Nantucket term to fret, or to putter with.

Watch Night - an old term for New Year's Eve.

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