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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Feasts and Department Stores - Massachusetts and Rhode Island

It is ironic that in spite of the much bewailed commercialism of our modern Christmas holidays, we also have a nostalgic love for those enormous and elegant department stores of days gone by which fed us on the glamour of tinsel, garland, and our hearts' desires in gift wrapping.  Before there was there was the charge card or the debt, there was the escalator.

From Forbes & Wallace in Springfield, Massachusetts:

Providence, Rhode Island had Shepard's:

But if you were shopping for Christmas dinner, the First National chain in 1937 had prices that couldn't be beat, if you had a job.

But in 1941, with the U.S. only recently at war, a last celebration before the separations and the wartime shortages set in -- and Christmas dinner was truly at feast at Springfield's, Sheraton Hotel:

Thank you for time-traveling with me this year.  Best wishes to all who celebrate for a Merry Christmas, and to all a most joyous and peaceful New Year.

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