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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ann Blyth Book Kickstarter campaign - 5 days left

"She rests on his back, rubs her chin on his bare shoulder blade, while he strokes her arm and kisses it, and they talk about the future.  She writes words on his back in sand.  When they come out of the surf after swimming, there is that lovely moment where their wet bodies embrace, they kiss each other, the ocean rolling a magic carpet up to their toes.  A moment to rival the passionate beach scene in From Here to Eternity, the waves come in and roll around them on all sides."

From our post on Our Very Own (1950), see here.

THERE ARE 5 DAYS LEFT to my Kickstarter campaign - looking for backers to raise funds for upcoming  book on Ann Blyth's career - principally to offset costs of fees to obtain never or rarely seen photos in libraries, museums, and newspaper files.  Thanks to all who can help.

Click here to back the project.

My thanks to anyone who may share this post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or social media of your choice, or just pass a note in gym class.

I am interviewed by John Hayes at his blog Robert Frost's Banjo on the Ann Blyth series and upcoming book here.

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