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Friday, May 22, 2009

Miss Florencce Diner - Northampton, Mass.

The Miss Florence Diner on Main Street in Florence, a Northampton, Mass. neighborhood, is on list of National Register of Historic Places. Even if you’re not hungry, that’s probably enough of a reason to stop by. A sense of history, or ambiance, or nostalgia brings people on field trips to all sorts of places. Miss Flo’s has plenty of that.

But if you’re hungry, too, then it’s a good thing you came. Save room for pie, if you can.

The diner was built by the Worcester Lunch Car Company, and opened by Maurice Alexander in 1941. The Alexander family still operates the diner. Here’s a nice article on the American Profile website about the diner.

Let us know about your memories of Miss Flo’s.


sojourner said...

Yes, the Miss Florence Diner is a must see. The ambiance is so much fun! Another less well known diner worh a visit is the Day and Night in Palmer, MA. The interior is original (c. late 1940's) and the loyal crowd is very 'down home.' Good food, cheap bill.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Thanks for the info on the Day and Night diner in Palmer, Sojourner. I can't remember ever having been there, but it sounds great. Anybody else have a favorite diner?

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