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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Scargo Tower - Dennis, Mass.

Here is the Scargo Tower in Dennis, Massachusetts. This Cape Cod town was settled in the 1600s, and this tower, and the hill on which it stands, belonged to the Tobey family. The tower and the hill were given by Tobey family descendents to the Town of Dennis in 1929 as a memorial to their ancestors.

There was first a wooden tower here in the 1870s, and rebuilt after a gale, but when that second one burned, this stone tower built in 1901 stood the test of time. Tower is 30-feet high, and from its top you can see a good part of the Cape, even to Provincetown.

Here is a view from the top, looking over Cape Cod Bay. The lake below, Scargo Lake, is said to feature in the folk tale of a local Indian legend, as it resembles the shape of a fish.

The WPA Guide to Massachusetts, published in 1937, refers to the tower on Scargo Hill as Tobey Tower, but in the decades since has become known simply as the Scargo Tower.


webscribe said...

When I lived on the Cape and was dating in the 1960s Scargo tower was a popular place to go on a date. Several cars would be parked in the dark on any weekend night.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Welome, Webscribe, and thanks for sharing your, (pleasant, surely) memories of parking at the Scargo Tower. I wonder if today's teens find the same inspiration there. Thanks so much.

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