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Friday, May 16, 2008

Twin Lighthouses of Thatcher Island

Forgive the unannounced hiatus between this and my last post of two weeks ago.

We’re back, and it’s time for another lighthouse, or in this case, two of them. The Twin Lighthouses of Thatcher Island mark a dangerous spot for navigation off Rockport, Mass., as Captain Anthony Thatcher discovered when he lost his ship in 1635. Afterward the island, named Thatcher Island, sometimes called Thatcher’s Woe, became the home of a pair of lighthouses with a compelling story.

Built first in 1771, they were the last lighthouses built in the American Colonies by the British government. After several decades of use, it was decided to construct newer, taller towers, which were completed in 1861. Today, part of the Town of Rockport, the Twin Lights are designated National Historic Landmarks.

For a detailed narrative on the fascinating history of these lighthouses, and the heroic adventures of the families which ran them, have a look at this website.

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