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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lubec, the far east

Lubec is located, as the big sign says, at the easternmost point of the United States. Here’s where you go the beat everybody else in the US to the sunrise.

Situated on Maine’s Passamaquoddy Bay, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Bridge connects Lubec to Campobello Island, in New Brunswick, Canada, a fascinating and very worthwhile place to visit, as much for us as it was for FDR. Lubec is a beautiful and rugged, and quiet place to be, a far different coastal experience than one might have in the more croweded and more commerical spots farther south in Maine. This is Maine as it used to be.

Settled in the 1780s, the town separated from Eastport, Maine in 1811, and was the site of a smuggling trade in gypsum after the War of 1812. There are four lighthouses in the area, and many opportunites for whale, seal, and puffin watches, cruises, and hiking. And a great sign to have your picture taken by.

Want to go? Have a look at this website.

Been there? Done that? Bought the T-shirt? Let us know.


Zooomabooma said...

Hi. Lubec is fooling people. If anyone wants to go to the Easternmost point in the United States, they've got to go to...

Pochnoi Point located on Semisopochnoi Island!

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Hi, Zooomabooma, thanks so much for stoppinig by and for your comment. You're absolutely right, and if this were that old Monty Python sketch about the game show, you'd be winning a lounge suite right now.

The point you've made (Pochnoi Point) is that our friends over on Semisopochnoi Island have the distinction of being at the very, very easternmost part of the US because they are on the other side of the dateline. However, Lubec's charming sign with the big boiled lobster on it declares them to be the "easternmost town" in the US. Is there an incorporated town on Pochnoi Point? If not, then the good people of Lubec are not liars, and time for our next charming contestant.

Zooomabooma said...

Ahhh, I didn't see the sign when I posted earlier. Saying they're the Easternmost Town, then that's sure true!

One other thing is for sure, Lubec's the Easternmost point in the Continental United States.

The Aleutian Island point I made is merely a technicality in good fun.

And nope, there's no town on Semisopochnoi Island... I would venture a guess that that is one of the uninhabited Aleutian islands. The only residents might be some walrus or puffins!

Love your posts on New England! I'm not there now but I was born there and there's almost no where else I'd rather be!

See ya :)

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Thanks again for visiting, Zooomabooma. I never mind a technicality in good fun, especially when I learn something. I'll have to visit Semisopochnoi Island someday and bring the puffins and walruses some maple sugar candy and chocolate covered cranberries from New England.

I'm sorry you're missing New England, but not much changes here except the weather (constantly as you probably know). Take care.

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